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Hybrid Programmes

Support, Community & evolution

The Mini Mind

The one of a kind programme for experienced Online Service Providers who are ready to step into their power and take their beautiful business on the path towards BIG growth!

The Master Mind

If you are an experienced Online Service Provider who's on the cusp of evolving their beautiful business, there's something epic coming your way!

Coming Soon

My Hybrid Programmes are a beautiful blend of both 1:1 and group coaching..

Giving you the supportive community feel along with some VIP perks to get your Online Service business where you want it to be!

Each programme is designed to support you as you elevate and evolve your Online Service business so you can make some serious moves forward..

"Without the Mini Mind I wouldn't have.. The structure I have now, the Associates I have now, the friends I now have!! The social media authority challenge went really well!

Thank you Ellie for your support, always pushing us and keeping up accountable too!"

Mini Mind q1 2023

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