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Evolve Master Mind

The Space For Online Service Providers with BIG Vision

💡 You've evolved your business beyond offering traditional services as an Online Service Provider..

💡 You're proud of how far you've come but have a BIG vision for more..

💡 You ARE a move maker! But sometimes you wish you had guidance + accountability to support you..

💡 You are the decision maker, visionary & action taker in your business. And at times, that can be a heavy burden to carry..

💡 You haven't found the right "room" for you to thrive in yet! One with other established OSP's who have vision as big as you do..


💡And you want to find a trusted tribe! People who are at the same level as you are in business to confide in or bounce ideas off of..

If any of this resonates with you.. 

You are in the RIGHT place and you've found the right room!!

The Intention of this Master Mind is to empower your business evolution

The Details

Our Master Mind is six-month journey exclusively crafted for accomplished Online Service Providers who share a bold vision for their businesses but want 

You'll be supported on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis to empower you in bringing your business vision to life in the first half of 2024!

Paired with on tap access to a hive mind of experienced online business women, you'll be simply unstoppable 💥


  • Private Community: A space for peer-led discussions, feedback requests, celebrating wins and seeking advice from a group of business owners who understand your journey!

  • Monthly Master Mind Coaching Calls: Participate in monthly group coaching sessions where you'll get 1:1 time and contribute to conversations that are relevant to everyone inside.

  • Quarterly Planning Calls: Stay aligned with your 2024 goals and make plans to achieve them, focusing on one month at a time in our Q1 & Q2 Planning Sessions.

  • Progress Tracking System: Commit to your monthly goals and track your progress alongside your peers for accountability + motivation.

  • Weekly Accountability Checks: Receive personalised support through weekly email check ins with Ellie with guidance provided where you need it!

  • Resource Library: Access a wealth of videos and resources on key business growth topics such as goal setting, authority building, onboarding team members, starting your mailing list, creating your signature course and MORE.

  • Exclusive Upgrade: Opt for the 'Premium Master Mind Membership' for an even more personalised experience, including monthly 1:1 check ins with Ellie and real time Voxer support on Wednesdays and Thursdays each week.

The Investment for Evolve is just €1,444 PIF (€1,777 for the Premium Membership) with payment options starting at €245 per month. No brainer!!!


You are what you
EAT in business

Your business success is never down to blind luck.


It's about the content you're consuming, the people you're surrounding yourself with and how that empowers you to take informed + inspired action!

But most investments come with a massive price tag and require you to commit tons of your time..

In Evolve you will have access to the best in the business, content that will nurture you and accountability to motivate you into taking REAL aligned action towards your 2024 goals.

We kick off with our Q1 Planning Session in the second week of January 2024

Are you in??

I'm Ellie! Online Business Coach, Experienced OSP, Podcaster + Co-Founder of the Society of Virtual Assistants Ireland.

But my guess is, you already know that!!

Because the Evolve Master Mind is currently open on an invitation only basis..

I know the struggle that is finding your tribe when you reach a certain level in your business!


You become the person that other OSP's go to for support & advice but struggle to find the same for yourself from people who TRULY understand.

Most programmes and trainings are aimed at Online Service Providers who are still finding their feet in business. Which makes it tough to get the guidance that YOU need.

The Evolve Master Mind the space you've been looking for! Exclusively crafted for accomplished Online Service Providers who share a bold vision and ready to guide your evolution in the first half of 2024 💃

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Get In Touch

As with all of my programmes, the spots are limited to protect our collaborative community feel!

If you want to make sure that Evolve is absolutely the right investment for you, shoot me a DM on Instagram - My DM's are always open!

Or book in for a 15 min coffee + chat HERE to talk it through. 

I can't wait to welcome you in and work with you in 2024!

Much love, 

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