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My WORST Networking Experience

I've been finding myself deep in conversations about networking lately. Do you prioritise networking in your business?

When done right, it's a powerful tool 💥

It's a place to find opportunities for your business, like new clients and referrals. Or even a supportive community of like minded people!

Networking has been hugely beneficial to me and my business over the years ✨

Amidst all the positive experiences, I can't help but reflect on my WORST networking experience too.

Imagine this scenario..

You're excited to meet a new group of businesswomen, hoping to tap into another community to talk all things biz! 

You hype yourself up, attend the meeting, put yourself out there... 

Only to be met with blank stares 🤯

Unfortunately, that's a common occurrence for Online Service Providers!

There's still lack of knowledge and understanding when it comes to the Online Service Industry.

So, on this week's podcast episode, we're diving into networking to benefit your business as an OSP!

Join us to discover..

✅ How to understand what your specific goal is for networking.

(You need to understand that in order to avoid an uncomfortable experience like the one I had 😂 #elliemademistakessoyoudon'thaveto!)

✅ Why networking can be more effective than social media in bringing opportunity to your business.

✅ What you'll need to prepare ahead of a networking meeting.

✅ And the best places to look + what you need to know if you're in search of supportive community as an OSP. 

🎧 Tune into Life Virtually on your favourite podcast platform or on my website HERE. 

Much love,

P.S. It's finally time to introduce you to the Flexi Mind!! 

If you're an established Online Service Provider who's growing her business, this is a game changer for you!!  Get the deets here.

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