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Welcome Member!

As an official member of The Society of Virtual Assistants Ireland, I am thrilled to offer you discounted rates + extras on my 1:1 coaching and programmes designed specifically for Online Service Providers!

The Action Hour

The 1:1 Coaching Call where you will have your questions answered, develop your ideas and move forward with a solid plan for you and your business.

As a valued Member, you also receive 1 weeks support via voice note/email and unlimited reviews with your call!

**Use Code SVAIMEMBER to claim your discounted members rate of 20% off.**

Elevate Mini Mind

The signature 8 week programme for experienced Online Service Providers who want to claim authority and reach the next level in their businesses!

The next round kicks off on January 15th - Use code SVAIMEMBER to get €150 off the investment as an Official Member of the SVAI.

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