The Epic 8 Week Program For Established VA's

Starting 23rd January 2023

You've set up your Virtual Assistant business, you have paying clients but you want MORE.. You're ready for the next level!


To confidently step into your power and get your business where you really want it to be. 


But the question is.. how do you do that?! That's exactly what this Mini Mind is all about! 

Tell me.. 

Can you relate to any of this?

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Your bank balance never seems to reflect the hard work you're putting in..

You want to show up for your business on social media but just don't feel confident enough yet..

You have of tons of ideas but they always seem to end up on the back burner between client & personal commitments.. 

The services you're offering aren't enjoyable to you anymore..

You're feeling a bit lost on what’s next..

Or are just ready to change things up! To pivot & reach the next level in your VA business.

If you're screaming "YES!" - This Mini Mind is for you.

It's your time to shine & I'm here to guide you along the way

Experienced Virtual Assistant & VA Coach.


There was a time when I was feeling ALL of the above! So, I know what it's like to feel a little lost in your VA business...


To want MORE but feel uncertain on how to achieve that. To be stuck even though you desperately want to move forward!!


And that's why I created this Mini Mind.


I know that you have what it takes to elevate your business! You just need a little direction..

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Hey! I'm Ellie

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Feeling confident to show up & talk about your business.. In turn becoming even more VISIBLE..


Getting paid what you deserve for your expertise..

 Only working with dreamy Clients that you ADORE & reaching the coveted fully booked status..


Changing & pivoting your business to reflect what you actually want..


Having the know how to grow your team and the clarity on what the next steps are in your VA business..

It’s possible! But it's hard to do alone.


The VIP VA Mini Mind will give you the space, support and accountability to MAKE IT YOUR REALITY..

How VIP VA Works


Through 1:1 and Group Coaching you will discover what you truly want in your VA Business, create a solid plan to get there & implement it


You will receive training that's tailored to what you are setting out to achieve, supporting you to elevate your VA business


You will join a small circle of experienced VA's, in a private setting, who are working together & cheering one another on

This isn't a 'ONE SIZE FITS ALL' approach. It's tailored to you

This isn’t like the Virtual Assistant courses and group programs you’ve seen before..

Because the learning content is tailored to what you are setting out to achieve in your business.

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I'm going to help you discover what it is that you really want in your VA business..


To see the roses and thorns in your business & what you need to do in order to elevate..


To put a solid plan in place to level up..

And provide you with the training, support & accountability to make it happen..

With guidance & training from your Coach and a hive mind of experienced Virtual Assistants to tap into, you can achieve what it is that you really want & find that sweet spot of fulfillment and joy in your VA business!

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1: 1 Coaching - You will have two private coaching calls with Ellie. One at the beginning & another at the end of the program

Mini Mind Community Area - You will join the private Mini Mind community area where you can learn, ask questions & be kept accountable


Group Coaching - There will be fortnightly group calls where you will work together with the rest of the group & have the opportunity to tap into a hive mind of experienced Virtual Assistants

Tailored to you training - All of the learning content provided will be tailored to you and what you are setting out to achieve in your Virtual Assistant business

Who's it for?

If you are..

An established Virtual Assistant who has a few Clients under her belt..

Is ready to take things up a notch & elevate her Virtual Assistant business..

Will thrive participating in a group of like minded people, cheering one another on..

Is willing to spend 1 - 2 hours each week getting your business where you really want it to be!


Then this Mini Mind is for you.


There are no specific location or niche requirements to join VIP VA

We kick off January 23rd, are you in?

Save your spot..

Register before 13th December & save €200



Pay In Full Today


€290 PM

2 Month Payment Plan


€150 PM

4 Month Payment Plan

Investment increases to €777 on 14th December 2022

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Conquer your confidence & create a more visible business..

Supercharge your income..

Get clear on WHO you want to work with & HOW to land them..

Successfully pivot the direction of your business..

Grow your team and build bigger..

Create more balance & fulfillment between work and personal.. 

Get real clarity on what you want for your Virtual Assistant business and how to get there..

Wouldn't you take that opportunity?

This is that opportunity

Spaces are limited!

To keep the private, intimate community feel there is a cap on how many people can join this Mini Mind.

Once those spots are filled, registration will close!

"Ellie is a powerhouse of knowledge about the VA industry and was incredibly helpful to me in the time I worked with her. She gave me clear guidance, fantastic support, and she instilled in me a sense of empowerment and self confidence."


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If you want to make sure that the VIP VA Mini Mind is the right for for you - DM me on Instagram @ellie.va.coach or email me on ellie@ruluvirtual.com and let's talk it through!

I'm Here

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You've already got what it takes.. you just need a little direction

"Ellie was so helpful and reassuring! She helped me narrow down my goals and I felt really motivated and inspired by the end of the call! I would recommend her to any VA who is looking to set a plan in place!"