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Dealing With Copycats In Business..

Ugggh.. I still remember how angry I was the first time I discovered that another OSP had copied me. 

I'd been putting tons of hard work into my content and creating a name for myself in business. That hard work was seriously paying off too!

So, when I opened up LinkedIn one day and saw another OSP using something unique to me in her content.. I was livid 🤬

The worst part? 

Me and this other Online Service Provider KNEW one another!!!

Have you ever had an experience with a copycat?

Whilst the Online Service Industry is overall an encouraging & supportive place, this DOES happen. 

I've had several experiences myself over the years! 

Some a lot more serious than others. 

Unfortunately, it's something you NEED to be aware of in business.

So, this week on Life Virtually we're discussing.. 

✅ Taking inspiration from vs. downright copying another business

✅ Some of the experiences I've had with copycats over the years

✅ Ways to protect yourself against them

✅ Plus some things you can do if you discover that you have been copied

🎧 Tune into Life Virtually on your favourite podcast platform or on my website HERE. 

It's about time we brought attention to this icky part of business!

Much love,

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