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About Ellie

I'm here to guide your business evolution

I work with ambitious Online Service Providers to elevate their businesses & reach the next level

After building two successful online businesses of my own, I have turned my focus to helping you grow & scale your online business.

And I do that by firstly discovering what YOU want for your business and how you want it to enrich your life.


Something that we don't see often in an industry offering tons of "ONE SIZE FITS ALL" solutions. 

Your vision & goals are unique

And I believe that you deserve a tailored approach from your mentor!

Meaningful success is far more powerful and yours is my complete focus.

I work with Online Service Providers such as Virtual Assistants, Social Media Managers, Online Business Managers etc. who are ready to take real action.

Who want to build bigger in their businesses whilst maintaining balance between their work and personal lives!

5 Fun Facts

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I host a podcast called 'Life Virtually', which is about all things running and online biz and the life you lead in tandem! Tune in here or on your fave podcast platform..

My husband and I both work from home and we love it! It is so different from the days when we both left the house at 7am returning tired & unmotivated late into the evening..

I started my online biz journey as a Virtual Assistant! But before that I was as a Legal Executive.. I had just accepted a new job in a big fancy law firm when the pandemic happened but that gift of unemployment led me down the path I'm on now which I'm forever grateful for!

I love animals!! I'm a fur mom to two rescue pups and a wise old black cat.. 

I'm Co Founder of the Society of Virtual Assistants Ireland, a community and membership for VA's and OSP's based here! If you're based in Éire - Check us out here!

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