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Rulu Virtual launched from a desire to create my own success.

After years in the corporate world as a Legal Executive, I took the chance to live the life I always wanted to. On my own terms!

I eat, sleep and breathe the Online Service Industry..

I’ve tried everything!


I've both failed & succeeded along the way and now run two successful online businesses that allow me to not only live on my terms, but to help others do the same.


And the key to success in this industry? It's all about you!


Five Fun Facts

💡I host a podcast called 'Life Virtually', which is about all things running an online service biz and the lives we lead in tandem! Tune in here or on your fave podcast platform.

💡I started my online business journey as a Virtual Assistant and pivoted many times along the way, experimenting with niches and ideal clients alike.

💡 One of the biggest things my businesses have allowed me to do so far is leave the city and buy my very own home, in my hometown! (Seriously, I'm like a 12 minute walk away from my parents now and I love it!!)

💡I love animals!! I'm a fur mom to two rescue pups and a wise old black cat.

💡I'm Co Founder of the Society of Virtual Assistants Ireland, a community and membership for VA's and OSP's based here! If you're based in Éire - Check us out here!

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