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Hello you!! I'm Ellie

Virtual Business Coach & Mentor

I'm a wife, fur mom and owner of two online businesses based in Ireland!

From here I work with women around the globe to start and grow a business that will support them to live the lifestyle they truly want..

I always craved more but didn't know what more looked like. I couldn't understand why working in a 9 - 5 made me unhappy, even though I enjoyed the work.. But when I took the plunge and started an Online Business, the stars aligned and everything finally made sense!

I started my business journey as a Virtual Assistant which opened so many doors for me and allowed me to live my life on my terms - the way I truly want to. 

When you run an online business.. the world is your oyster

I've taken my business
abroad with me

The location freedom of running an online business means you can pack up your laptop and bring it anywhere! And you don't have to ask anyone for time off either..


I recommend bringing it on a winter sun break - nothing better!

Left the city &
moved back to my hometown

Living in a city can be fun and full of opportunity, but I'm a small town girl at heart!

There was a time where I thought I would never be able to move back to a slower pace -  if I wanted to have a "good" well paying job, then I'd have to stay in the city. But starting my business changed that!


What would you do with the time & location freedom?

Working With Me

After building two successful online service businesses of my own, I have turned my focus to coaching..

To helping you start & grow your online business.

I've created a business that supports the lifestyle I want to live and now I'm helping you do that too!

With both Hybrid  & 1:1 coaching options, you can work with me to take new steps and elevate your business.

Just getting started? Explore my DIY resources and courses that cover setting up your business. From the technicalities to finding clients..

Use the buttons below to check out those offers & feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. I look forward to working with you soon!!

1:1 Private Coaching

Private Coaching sessions for OSP's to support you as you move your business forwards

Hybrid Programmes

Community focused programmes that will give you the support, knowledge & accountability to take your business to new heights!

Free Resources

Free Resources for every stage of business from just starting to very experienced!

5 Fun Facts

About Me..

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I host a podcast called 'Life Virtually', which is about all things running and online biz and the life you lead in tandem! Tune in here or on your fave podcast platform..

My husband and I both work from home and we love it! It is so different from the days when we both left the house at 7am returning tired & unmotivated late into the evening..

The last role I held before going self employed was as a Legal Executive in a law firm.. I had just accepted a new job in a big fancy law firm when the pandemic happened but that gift of unemployment led me down the path I'm on now which I'm forever grateful for!

I love animals!! I'm a fur mom to two rescue pups and a wise old black cat.. 

I Co Founded the Society of Virtual Assistants Ireland, a community and membership for VA's based here! If you're based in Éire - Check us out here!

"Ellie is a powerhouse of knowledge about the industry and was incredibly helpful to me in the time I worked with her.


She gave me clear guidance, fantastic support, and she instilled in me a sense of empowerment and self confidence."


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