Hello you!! I'm Ellie

Virtual Assistant Coach & Mentor

I'm a wife, fur mom and all around VA industry enthusiast based in Ireland! 

From here I work with women around the globe to start and grow a business that will support them to live the lifestyle they truly want..

I always craved more but didn't know what more looked like. I couldn't understand why working in a 9 - 5 made me unhappy, even though I enjoyed the work.. until I started my Virtual Assistant business that is!

Starting my own business has opened so many doors for me and allowed me to live my life on my terms - the way I truly want to. 

I've taken my business
abroad with me

The location freedom of running a VA business means you can pack up your laptop and bring it anywhere! And you don't have to ask anyone for time off either..


I recommend bringing it on a winter sun break - nothing better!

Left the city &
moved back to my hometown

Living in a city can be fun and full of opportunity, but I'm a small town girl at heart!

There was a time where I thought I would never be able to move back to a slower pace -  if I wanted to have a "good" well paying job, then I'd have to stay in the city. But starting a Virtual Assistant business changed that!


What would you do with the time & location freedom?

5 Fun Facts

About Me..

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I host a podcast called 'Life Virtually', which you probably guessed, is about all things Virtual Assisting! Tune in here or on your fave podcast platform..

My husband and I both work from home and we love it! It is so different from the days when we both left the house at 7am returning tired & unmotivated late into the evening..

The last role I held before going self employed was as a Legal Executive in a law firm.. I had just accepted a new job in a big fancy law firm when the pandemic happened but that gift of unemployment led me down the path I'm on now which I'm forever grateful for!

I love animals!! I'm a fur mom to two rescue pups and a wise old black cat.. 

I Co Founded the Society of Virtual Assistants Ireland, a community space for VA's based here! If you're based in Éire - Check us out here!

When you run an online business.. the world is your oyster

Working With Me

After building a successful Virtual Assistant business of my own I have turned my focus to coaching.. To helping you start & grow your VA business.

I've created a business that supports the lifestyle I want to live and now I'm helping you do that too!

With both DIY & 1:1 coaching options, you can work with me to start your VA business. From learning how to set up to finding clients..

I also work with established Virtual Assistants who are ready to take new steps and elevate their businesses! You can book in for a call to get your questions answered, have a thorough deep dive into your business or join a small circle of VA's in my new Mini Mind! 

Use the buttons below to check out those offers & feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. I look forward to working with you soon!!



Work with me to get your Virtual Assistant business started & off the ground!



Let's work together to grow & elevate your VA business!