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Work with Ellie

Elevate & Evolve your online service business

Imagine if you could..

Get real clarity on what you want for your business and how to get there..


Become the go to authority in your niche..

Create more balance & fullfillment between work and personal.. 

Finally start putting your ideas into action..

Become empowered to start running your business like the intentional CEO you are..

And have the space to take real action in your business..

You're in the right place

Action Hour

The 1:1 Coaching Call where you will have your questions answered, develop your ideas and move forward with a solid plan for you and your business!

The Mini Mind

The signature 8 week programme for successful Online Service Providers who want to claim authority and reach the next level in their businesses.

Apply for the January Mini Mind now!

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Elevate XP

The 1:1 Coaching Experience for ambitious Online Service Providers who want to reach the next level in their businesses!

V - Mini Mind Q1 2023

I’ve learnt that I need to trust my gut instinct as I always felt like I was doing the right thing but to have Ellie confirm my ideas has empowered me so much. I’ve implemented so many things that have moved my business forward. I’m so grateful to Ellie for her support and accountability.
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