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🔥 Invitation Only For Q1 2024 🔥

Evolve Flexi Mind

The Growth Hub For Online Service Providers with BIG Vision

Running your own online business is a juggling act..


You're the decision maker, the visionary AND the action taker 💃

Sometimes you wish you had guidance + accountability to support you.

But let’s be real, that usually means sacrificing your already precious time and a hefty price tag too! 


Not anymore. 

Evolve is a business growth hub exclusively crafted for accomplished Online Service Providers!

💫 Each sharing a bold vision for their businesses..

💫 Who want to create MORE in 2024..

💫 And balance that around the rhythm of their schedules & life commitments!

In 2024 you’ll achieve success, your way..


The Details

I get it, you've got big vision but your schedule is packed too!


You know that business success is never down to blind luck.

You're ready for the PUSH but would rather not have to fork out or shift your days around to attend calls at times that suit other people to get it. 

In Evolve you will have access to the best in the business, content that will nurture you and accountability to motivate you into taking REAL aligned action towards your 2024 goals, throughout the entire year!


💃 All at your own pace 

💥Without the HUGE price tag + with options to suit YOU

The Features

Private Community: Engage in peer led discussions, seek feedback, celebrate wins and get advice in a supportive space tailored for successful OSPs.

Hop into our private group whenever you feel like it to participate & get what you need.

Monthly Group Coaching Calls: Participate in monthly coaching sessions, receiving 1:1 time and contributing to discussions relevant to all members.

Joining when you can, into a trusted space that understands WFH life!

Progress Tracking System: Commit to monthly goals and track your progress alongside your peers for accountability + motivation.

Keeping you on track, in your own time.

Regular Check Ins: The opportunity to book in for a 30 minute check in each month with Ellie, for a deeper exploration of your goals and challenges.

When you need it throughout the month!

Resource Library: Access a wealth of videos and resources on key business growth topics such as goal setting, authority building, onboarding team members and MORE.


All in your own time + at your own pace.

Quarterly Planning Calls: Stay aligned with your 2024 goals through dedicated planning sessions for each quarter.

Join the calls live or access the recording & planning resources at a time that suits YOU.

You'll be supported throughout 2024, empowering you to bring your business vision to life! 

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Meet Your Mentor

I'm Ellie! Online Business Coach, Experienced OSP, Podcaster + Co-Founder of the Society of Virtual Assistants Ireland.

But my guess is, you already know that!!

Because the Evolve Flexi Mind is currently open but exclusively on an invitation only basis.

I know the struggle that is finding your tribe when you reach a certain level in your business!

Most programmes and trainings are aimed at Online Service Providers who are still finding their feet in business. Which makes it tough to get the guidance that YOU need.

And you're already balancing a busy schedule! Most programmes require you to bend to their rules & times which isn't always possible..

The Evolve Flexi Mind the hub you've been looking for!

Crafted explicitly for accomplished Online Service Providers who share a bold vision, this isn't just another program.. It's your partner in guiding your evolution throughout 2024.

Here, it's all about YOUR pace..

Because your success deserves a plan that aligns with your rhythm, your vision &  your unique journey.

Flexible Membership

Evolve is open for the duration of 2024 to guide and support you along your business evolution! How you decide to commit is YOUR choice.


🔷 Join For The Quarter

Opt for a quarterly commitment and join us for 3 months to get the motivation & accountanility you need to make MOVES towards your goals. For just €97 per month!

🔷 Dive In For The Year

Join Evolve for the duration of 2024 and have the support + guidance you need to uplevel your business, by your side the whole way along. Commit to your 2024 business evolution for just €970 - That's over 2 months FREE!


It's all about flexibility + aligning your investment with your business goals!

The choice is YOURS.

🔷 Applications Open Every Quarter

Businesses evolve and so do your needs, That's why we open applications every quarter. 

Giving new Online Service Providers the chance to join us and YOU the freedom to continue in our hub or come back and rejoin us later!

➡️ Registration for Q1 is open until 20th December 2023

➡️ Applications will open again for Q2 in March 2024

Our Hub opens on 8th January 2024! 
Will you be there?


Get In Touch

As with all of my programmes, the spots are limited to protect our collaborative community feel!

If you want to make sure that Evolve is absolutely the right investment for you, shoot me a DM on Instagram - My DM's are always open!

Or book in for a 15 min coffee + chat HERE to talk it through. 

I can't wait to welcome you in and work with you in 2024!

Much love, 

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