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Lovingly Elevate Your Online Service Business

Elevate Mini Mind

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Early Bird Offer Ends In

Can you relate? 

❎ You're an Online Service provider who wants to take their business further and grow..


❎ You're currently at capacity or close to it with your traditional Clients & services..

❎ You have of tons of ideas for your business but they always seem to end up on the back burner between client & personal commitments.. 

❎ You've got Clients who rely heavily on you, making it tough to find time to work on your own business..

❎ You're finding it hard to reach the next level in your business even though you might have the "know how"..

❎ Or you're feeling a bit lost on what’s next.. You'd love some clarity and support to move your beautiful business forwards!


If you're screaming "YES! This is me!".

Then this Mini Mind is for you.

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Elevate will get you & your business on the right track!

You're running an Online Service Business.. It's successful, you have paying clients.


But you want MORE.. You're ready for the next level!


To confidently step into your power and get your business where you really want it to be. 

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🔥 Changing your business to reflect what you actually want..

🔥 Elevating your status to reflect your experience..


🔥 Being viewed as an expert rather than an OSP that just works in the background..

🔥 Finally getting your ideas off the ground!


🔥 Having the clarity on where you are going to take your business & how to get there..

🔥 And shifting your mindset so you start running things like a CEO..


The Elevate Mini Mind will equip and empower you to make all of this your reality!

Hey! I'm Ellie


There was a time when I was feeling a little lost in my business.. I know what it's like to want MORE but feel uncertain on how to achieve that.


To be stuck even though you want to move forward!!

And that's why I created this Mini Mind.


I know that you have what it takes to elevate your business and reach the next level..


Elevate will empower you to actually do it!

Our Pillars


I'm going to help you discover what you truly want in your Business and support you as you take the steps to get there


You will join a small circle of experienced Online Service Providers, in a private setting, who are working together & cheering one another on every step of the way


Through regular accountability checks and challenges to push you out of your comfort zone, you'll be lovingly kept accountable along the way

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✨ 1: 1 Coaching - You will have two private coaching calls with Ellie. One at the beginning & another at the end of the program

✨ Mini Mind Community Area - You will join the private Mini Mind community area where you can learn, ask questions & most importantly and get to know the rest of the group


✨ Group Coaching - There will be weekly group calls where you will work together with the rest of the group & have the opportunity to tap into a hive mind of experienced OSP's

✨ Accountability - Ellie will be checking in with you both privately and in the group over the 8 weeks to ensure you are staying on track and heading in the right direction!

"Without the Mini Mind I wouldn't have.. The structure I have now, the Associates I have now, the friends I now have!! The social media authority challenge went really well!

Thank you Ellie for your support, always pushing us and keeping up accountable too!"

Mini Mind q1 2023


We kick off April 24th, are you in?

Early Bird Offer Ends In

Save your spot before midnight on April 4th and you will receive €200 off

the investment on the Mini Mind and a bonus Authority Audit!


Investment increases to €877 at Midnight on April 4th 2023

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Pay In Full

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x2 Monthly Payments

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x4 Monthly Payments

This isn't a 'ONE SIZE FITS ALL" approach.. It's tailored to you

You're vision & goals are unique

And this programme is tailored to that!

Through our live sessions together we're going to deep dive into your current business - where it's at and where you want it to be.


You're going to discover what it truly is that you want out of your business and together, we're going to create a plan to get you there.

Each week we will have different areas to focus on that you can apply uniquely to your business.

We're going to lovingly elevate the business you have already built..

Build bigger & more sustainably for the future!

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Get real clarity on what you want for your business and how to get there..


Become the go to authority in your niche..

Create more balance & fullfillment between work and personal.. 

Become empowered to start running your business like the intentional CEO you are..

And have the space to take real action in your business..


Wouldn't you take that opportunity?

This is that opportunity

Spaces are limited to keep the private community feel within our Mini Mind so if you're ready, just hit apply!

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If you want to make sure that the Elevate Mini Mind is the right for you -

  • DM me on Instagram

  • Or email me on and let's talk it through!

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frequently asked questions

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What exactly is a Mini Mind?

You know the fancy Mastermind groups big time entrepreneurs join?

This is like THAT.. But it's shorter AKA Mini..


The Elevate Mini Mind will bring together a small group of experienced Online Service Providers in an intimate setting, who will work together to reach their goals. 

Why do I need to Apply?

To make sure that this programme is the absolute right fit for you! Completing the application form isn't a commitment to join, it's an opportunity to register your interest in joining and for Ellie to establish that this programme really is the right one for you.

Are there payment plans available? 

Yes, you can pay up front or choose from two payment plans - spread the payments over two months or four!

Will there be live calls? 

Yes, there will be weekly group calls and two 1:1's throughout the programme.

You've already got what it takes.. you just need a little direction

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