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Dealing with Freelancer FEAR

I’ll never forget this turning point in my business..

It was around 3 years ago and I was feeling under pressure ALL the time! 

❎ Jumping on every email that came in as soon as it came in

❎ Going above and beyond when I wasn’t even getting paid for it

❎ Forcing myself to implement every contradictory piece of advice I saw on social media

❎ Checking messages and socials during down time

❎ Taking on new Clients even though I was spilling over capacity 

Some days I felt so overwhelmed that I’d procrastinate for HOURS..

And that only made the pressure I felt worse!

I explicitly remember spending waaaay too long hanging out some washing after seeing a last minute “lets hop on a call” request from a Client.. I just couldn’t deal!!

Then one day, I left the laptop to walk to my local shop and found myself having an internal battle.

I felt guilty that I’d walked away from the laptop during “working hours”..

Mentally listing out all the work that needed to be done..

Beating myself up because the ideas I had for my own biz were unactioned..

Comparing myself to others around the same stage as me..

But then, I had a lightbulb moment.

(I wish I could say I had this realisation on a mountain in Bali or something but no, it was on a walk to the supermarket 😂)

The Realisation: This is MY business and I’m in charge.

➡️ I have the power to change what's not working

➡️ The only one putting pressure on me was myself

That moment of clarity completely shifted my perspective! 

Since then, I've worked with tons online service providers facing similar challenges.

And looking back I now recognise that I was struggling with what I call Freelancer Fear 🫣

(That’s not an official term. I coined it throughout my experience as a coach 😅)

Freelancer Fear is a scarcity Mindset that comes from working for yourself, by yourself causing you to..

❎ Client Collect

❎ Let boundaries slide

❎ Keep unreliable Clients

❎ And work around the clock

All meaning you’ll never have time to work on your own business.

Have you ever experienced it ? It’s a REAL thing!

Some of it’s a hangover from the beginning stages of your business..

When you were desperately trying to make this thing work, taking on anyone who’d work with you and bending your values to impress.

You can shake it though! I did, case and point ☝️

And throughout my time as a Coach I’ve supported countless Online Service Providers shake it too, righting the boundary slides and everything else that comes with it. 

If this resonates with you, I hope that my own story will at least bring a little inspiration to finally shake that Freelancer Fear in 2024.

There’s so much ahead of you in your business when you do!

Much Love,

P.S. Slots are open for 60 minute intensives in 2024! 

If you're looking to deep dive into an area of your Online Service Business & get a steer in the right direction from someone who's been there, done it and gets it, Book one HERE.

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