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Diversifying Your Income 💰

When business is going well, its so hard to ever see it going any other way.

You get used to your Clients, your regular income and it's comfortable, familiar!

But I'll never forget the first time my income took an unexpected dip.. I was a fully booked Online Service Provider so my income had always been pretty much guaranteed!

That was until my Clients started to fill me in on their summer plans..

“I’m taking 2 weeks off in July so I think we should half your hours”.

“I’m taking my foot off the pedal for the summer so I won’t need your services. I’ll get back in touch in September!”.


More recently I worked with a Virtual Assistant who was about to lose the bulk of her income.

Her highest paying and longest standing client was planning to CLOSE her own business.

It was completely unexpected 🤯

But here's the thing..

As self employed people, it is we who are solely responsible for our income.

Not our Clients!

And the truth is, they could end your contract at any time.

It doesn't matter how great your relationship is, this is business.

It's important to be in control of your income, to have ways that you can top it up if you need to.. That's exactly why diversifying your income is a smart move 💰

And there are countless ways you can do that, it's all about finding what works best for you!

My VA Client has used her experience to launch mini courses helping far more business owners than she ever could before..

Just x2 of her signature course purchased monthly will inject an extra €400 into her business, passively!

Another one of my Clients has come up with a really clever idea to offer a service to many but she'll only have to do the work once..

Making more money in way less time!

We're currently fine tuning the BTS of this offer before she launches. It's going to epic 💥

I went down the Coaching route and introduced power hours..

Coaching had become a massive part of my other business, so it made sense!

And that ended up being the very first stepping stone that got me where I am today 💙 When business is going well it's hard to imagine it going any other way..

But it's important to think ahead, to prepare for any surprises!!

Diversifying your income will not only protect you from unexpected changes..

It could also unlock new possibilities for you & your business too 🔥

Summer is the perfect opportunity to evaluate your business and explore what's next..

To get your ducks in a row, turn ideas into reality and take steps forward!

I have two things happening in the month of July that will support you to create success this summer..

Stay Tuned 😎

Much love,

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