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Guarantee Your Summer Success 🔥

Summer is a really strange time for our industry.. For business in general really!

If you’re a seasoned Online Service Provider, you know exactly what I’m talking about!!

Things can get very quiet.

Like ghost town quiet!

The last busy summer I remember was 2020..

That summer was an OSP’s dream 😂

We were the MVP’s guiding businesses into the online space!!

Back then, every time a lockdown was announced we got busier and busier! Those were insane times..

Alas, they are are gone!Thankfully in so many ways 😷

The summer season has returned to its normal pace for our industry..

Enquiries for your services go down, often dramatically.

Engagement on socials can see a substantial decline too.

You sometimes feel like there’s literally nobody out there!

Your regular clients will take time off so, you can find yourself with less work too.

But all of that is a massive opportunity 🔥

When’s the last time you had the opportunity to focus on your own business?

To catch up, tease out ideas and put your plans in motion?

Summer is that opportunity 💥

Business always comes back with a BANG in September.

Making the months of July & August the perfect time to focus on YOUR business!

To get your ducks in a row, turn ideas into reality and take steps forward!

It's pretty exciting really

And if you take on that mindset , you will guarantee success for your business this summer!

July has always been my favourite time to work, even back in my corporate days!

I genuinely think there's nothing better than getting stuck in while things are quiet and you can truly focus.

When the weather is lifting your mood and you can chill in the sunshine after a seriously productive couple of hours at the laptop.

I have two things happening in the month of July that will support you to harness that energy and create success this summer!

Stay Tuned 😎

Much love,

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