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When Your Mission In Business Changes..

We’ve always got a specific mission in mind as business owners, haven’t we?

From gaining new clients to creating passive income steams or reaching that income goal.

That overall mission defines the goals + priorities you set to get there and make it happen 🙌

What’s your overall mission moment? 

I have a very specific one that I’m working towards right now and it’s inspired by something I saw around International Women’s Day 👇

Current mission: To become a relaxed AF business woman 🧘‍♀️

I know that mightn’t sound glamorous or exciting.. 

Trust me, it wasn't the mission I had in mind starting out 2024 either!

And the funny thing is, many of the Online Service Providers I work with seem to be feeling the same.

Each of us started 2024 with strong goals and priorities in mind 🔥

But our experiences throughout Q1 have caused a shift. 

Whilst business will always come with seasons of hustle..

It's important to remember that every Online Service Provider on the planet, including you - Started their business TO👏BE👏HAPPY👏.

Not to.. 

❎ Constantly battle acne inducing stress

❎ Torture yourself with comparison

❎ Or feel pulled between your personal life and business! 

Lately I've been asking my Clients a simple question during our 1:1's..

"Are you genuinely excited about what you're working towards at the moment?".

Because it's way too easy to become caught up in working towards things you think you 'should' have rather than actually want!

If you're not feeling aligned with or excited about the mission you set out on in January anymore, that's ok.

Just don't stay stuck in the 'should' mindset. That only causes procrastination!

Anyway, for now I’m in my quietly working in the background era and it is ✨ BLISS ✨

But don't get me wrong, there’s more work involved in becoming a relaxed business owner than you might think..

Especially without compromising what you’ve already built 💃

This is a reminder that IT’S OK if your overall business mission changes, we all evolve!

Just don't stay stuck in the 'shoulds' 💙

Much love, 

P.S. Have you caught up on the latest season of Life Virtually?

We covered so many topics from spotting red flag clients and dealing with copycats in business to building connections, bringing on team members and more! Tune in on your favourite podcast platform or on my website here 🎧

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