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Since we’re on a break ✌️

On Wednesday’s I usually fill you in on the deets of the latest podcast episode but the season has now wrapped and we're taking a break..

Just the Ross & Rachel kind though while I focus on the Flexi Minders, 1:1 Clients, the Members Only Pod AND initial planning for the SVAI Summit 🤩

So, I wanted to fill you in on some valuable episodes you may have missed…

Because they might just be exactly what you need in your business right now!

🤓 If you want to start working smarter & making the most of your time..

Tune into Episode #38 ‘Working Smarter in 2024 to Benefit Both Your Business and Your Life’ for practical tips and insight here.

🐈‍⬛ If you’ve ever had an experience with a copycat In business..

Tune into Episode #39 ‘Dealing with and Protecting yourself from Copycats in Business’ here.

💃 If you’re preparing to make a pivot..

Tune into Episode #40 ‘What You Need To Know About Making A Big Pivot In Your Business’ here.

🤯 If everything feels HARD right now and you don’t know why..

Tune into Episode #45 ‘Signs That You Are Experiencing Growing Pains In Your Business’ here.

💙 If you need a dose of realness + inspiration..

We had x3 AMAZING Online Service Providers join us on the latest season of Life Virtually to share their business stories and you don’t want to miss them!!

  • Tune into Episode #41 with Victoria Marshall to talk specialising services, building teams and launch lessons here.

  • Tune into Episode #43 with Danielle Thompson as she reflects on 10 years in the Online Service Industry here.

  • Tune into Episode #46 with Sarah Whelan to talk passion projects, time zone transitions and business moves here.

Life Virtually is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Amazon Music. 

Happy Listening and feel free to shoot any Q's my way!

Much love,

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