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Is offering your services or expertise for FREE ever actually worth it??

It’s kind of a debated topic, isn’t it?

Some recommend working for free in exchange of a testimonial or maybe help with market research.. Then others are utterly against that notion!!

The thing is though, as an Online Service Provider, there are ways you could find yourself working for FREE without even realising it 🫣

It’s the season finale of Life Virtually and today, we’re getting into it all 💃

Tune in as we discuss..

The Social Media Is FAKE Trend

✅ The varying takes people have on this trend.

✅ Why some may not partake, including myself!

✅ The real lesson we’re learning from it.

✅ And my own version, sharing what’s been happening here behind the scenes.

*This is probably the most vulnerable I’ve gotten with you on the pod and tbh, I’m a little nervous about that..*

Is Working For Free Ever Actually Worth It?

✅ Working for free intentionally vs. unintentionally.

✅ Ways you can find yourself working for free without realising it.

✅ How people can feel entitled to your time + expertise!

✅ And when you might need to put a boundary down, even if you feel guilty about it. 

Along with a couple of useful reminders now that we’ve started a fresh new quarter!

🎧 Tune into Life Virtually on your favourite podcast platform or on my website HERE. 

Much love,

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