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How To Ask For Testimonials

We all know that there are A LOT of Online Service Providers out there.

The market is definitely not saturated BUT it is more important than ever to stand out.

And despite what some may say, you don’t have to create video with fancy pants transitions or epic lip syncing to do that.

If you want to show people that you really are the best in your field, that you are what’s truly going to help them in their business - the most powerful way is to show them what other people are saying about you!

Did you know that 79% of people trust online reviews just as much as they trust personal recommendations??

Think about it.. the reviews that you see on Trip Advisor, Amazon, Air BnB & even SHEIN are pretty valuable!!

They can be a deciding factor as to whether you purchase or not. They are what sets one thing apart from another and they’re usually very accurate.

The same goes for your business.

Your Client testimonials will set you apart from the wide range of choice in Virtual Assistants out there!

Now the thing about testimonials is, if you want them, you have to ASK for them..

Asking For Testimonials

In truth, asking for a testimonial is easy (I’m even giving you the wording!).

The hard part is breaking through your Clients busy day.

You want the request land in their inbox at a time where they will see it and give it their attention.

Project Work

If you’ve completed a one time project for a Client, straight after you finish is the best time to ask!

You’ll still be fresh in the Clients mind so make sure to get your testimonial request out to them as soon after the project wraps up as you can. You could even include it in your final project wrap up email to them.

Long Term Clients

You know your lifer Clients best , is there a particular time of day that they are most likely to see your email? Maybe a particular day of the week?

If you’ve got access to their calendar, check it and choose a time you know they won’t be that busy.

Template Email

Hey {Insert Name}

As I continue to grow my business, much of my reputation relies on social proof and I would greatly appreciate if you can help me with that.

We've been working together for a while now and I'd really appreciate a testimonial to explain how you now couldn't run your business as well as you do without super valuable me!

If you could please reply to this email with a couple of lines explaining how working together has transformed the day to day running of your business, I'll be super grateful.

Thank you!!

{Sign Off}

How To Use Testimonials

The aim is to share social proof.

To show the people browsing your website or stalking your socials that you are THE BEST and that other people are saying it too!

Once you have collected testimonials from your Clients, you'll want to..

  • Add them to your Website

  • To your Portfolio or Welcome Pack

  • Take advantage of the #testimonialtuesday hashtag and share them on social media

Testimonials aren't a "ONE AND DONE" type of thing. You can share the same one more than once and you can repurpose them too.

  • Share the full unedited testimonial

  • Take a kick ass sentence from one and use that on it's own

  • If you post about a particular service, include a relevant testimonial

Don't be afraid to share one more than once. Truth is, most people will need to see it multiple times for the information to sink in!


You don't need to wait until your Clients provide you with amazing testimonials to share social proof.. there is proof in your every day interactions!

Did a Client give you a really nice compliment on your work? Express their gratitude for having you on board?

You can share those too BUT there are a couple of things to consider first. Before snapping a screenshot make sure that..

  • There is no personal information visible

  • There is no project or work details visible

  • That if your Client will see it, they won't mind!

This 👆 is one of my favourite things that a coaching Client has ever said to me 😭 and a perfect example of a screenshot that you can share!

Remember , 79% of people trust online reviews just as much as they trust personal recommendations. That's a big number!!

Slide your Testimonial Request into your Clients inbox and get that social proof!

Much love,

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