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Managing Tricky Clients 😩

I was in business about a year when I had my first run in with a 'tricky' Client..

Up until then I’d never really had a problem!

Everything looked ok on the surface..

I had an icky gut feeling though and I didn’t listen to it.

It was a kind of messy situation. I was reeling from it for a couple of months afterwards!

The whole thing COMPLETELY knocked my confidence.

But I was proud of myself at the same time.

Because standing up for myself was something that didn't come easily to me then.

Tricky clients come in all shapes and sizes though and they aren't always that obvious..

❎ The super demanding yet lowest paying ones

❎ The ones who never give you what you need when you need it

❎ The “it’s never good enough” kind

❎ Or even ones that don’t pay you when they’re supposed to

Every time I run the Mini Mind this comes up!

There’s usually one or more in the group that notice a misalignment or a problem with a client.

I haven’t figured out yet whether it’s the programme content or the close community element that helps them come to this realisation 😂

But this is what I do know..

You have three choices when it comes to tricky clients..

  1. Do nothing and soldier on, resenting your Client every step of the way.

  2. Figure out what it is about the working relationship that’s ‘tricky’ and fix it.

  3. Or say goodbye.. thank you, but NEXT 💁‍♀️

I wouldn't recommend choosing option 1! That eventually leads to falling out of love with your business.

In my first run in I said buh bye.. mid project!!!

I told you it was messy.. But it was necessary.

And I've never regretted that decision. The other thing I know is that it can be hard to do that on your own..

While I was navigating that situation I was on constant voice note with my biz besties.

And any time we've dealt with it in the Mini Mind, the whole group has come together to offer advice & support!

I'm an expert now at the at the 'Thank you, next' email and making it sound as profesh as possible 🤣

Of course the other smart option is to stand in your power & fix the situation. Sometimes, all it takes is putting your big girl pants on and sending a simple email 🙌

You don't need to just put up with the tricky Clients in your life !

You started your business with the full intention of LOVING it, every step of the way.

And whilst it's not always easy (I won't ever pretend that it is), tricky Clients are a completely manageable thing that every Online Service Provider will need to deal with at some point or another.

You just gotta stand in your power and handle the situation 🔥

Much love,

P.S. Summer is coming! I know we're all looking forward to it..

But it's the strangest time of year for Online Service Providers. If you've been doing this a while, you know what I mean!

So, I'm working on a couple of things that support you to make the most of that odd time!! Stay tuned 👀

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