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Start building Authority TODAY

If you’re looking to grow your business this year and expand your offer suite there’s ONE thing that you need to focus on before anything else.

Before you create the graphics, map out the offer and think of a kick ass name for it.. You need to start building your Authority.

You might well be the very best at what you do .

Your offer could be the most valuable out there but the truth is.. without authority that means zero.

Harsh I know.. But think of it like this..

If you had the choice of choosing the exact same offer between these two people - which one would you choose?

Option 1: You have the opportunity to work with someone that you're connected with on Instagram.

They show up from time to time and when they do, they post about their 'Why', share photos of their coffee, a few tips on mindset & managing stress but then disappear again for a while.

Option 2: You have the exact same opportunity to work with someone who you see as an expert. They show up consistently, sharing valuable advice and insight with their community. You always enjoy the content that they share and learn something from it.

You know from what you see of them that they have a solid standing in their industry. That they are knowledgeable and trusted.

Most of us would choose option 2 because she holds AUTHORITY.

It doesn't matter that the offers are the same.

We trust her, we know that she knows her stuff.

We value her expertise & insight!

So it's kind of a no brainer and that's why building your Authority is so important.

And it all starts with the kind of content that you're putting out there!

Content that won't build Authority

❎ 4 Tips to..

❎ Check out my new logo!

❎ Use these apps to..

❎ My 'Why'..

❎ My Goals for 2023..

Content that will build Authority

🔥 How I use {Insert app/tool here} to transform my Clients businesses

🔥 The real reason you're burned out..

🔥 Why {Insert task that Client doesn't have time for} is so important for your business

🔥 My take on {Topic that's relevant to your field & work}

🔥 How you can achieve X Goal this year..

Did you notice what the REAL shift is between these two sets of content?

It shifted towards showcasing your expertise!

And that's exactly where you need to start if you want to be viewed as an Authority in your field.

Elevating your status and building your Authority is a massive focus in the VIP VA Mini Mind!

The ladies in it have BIG plans for 2023. They have some seriously cool offers they want to create to grow their businesses.

I look forward to seeing you out there claiming & building your Authority!!

Much love,

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