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The Importance Of Community In Business

Community has always been a massive part of business for me.

Let’s face it, online business can be lonely!

No matter how much your family might support you, they don’t really get it.

And working from home, for yourself, means you don’t get the opportunity to mingle with the people WHO DO get it that often.

Back when I was a newbie Virtual Assistant I created my own community because I craved real connection with other Online Service Providers and that was hard to find!

A year later I Co Founded the Society of Virtual Assistants Ireland and we brought that element of community to a whole new level..

We’re even hosting our first industry awards this year!! ☘️

But community in business can go so much deeper than sharing wins, struggles and giving one another advice.

If you put yourself in the right room with the RIGHT PEOPLE everything changes 🔥

It has the power to transform your entire business journey.

That’s why community & collaboration are integral parts of my group programmes!

And that's what the Q1 Mini Minders had to say about coming together as a group 👆 In my experience, putting yourself in the RIGHT room with the RIGHT people is so much more valuable than any content you'll ever find in a course.

It's what will challenge you, INSPIRE YOU, open your mind and keep you accountable! It literally unlocks a whole new level of growth 🚀

The Summer Success Session is an exclusive opportunity for a select group of determined & ambitious Online Service Providers to come together for the month of July!

I am PUMPED to work with some kick ass OSP's during the short summer lull 🥳

Shoot me a message on Instagram ( if you have any questions or want to chat more about the Summer Success Session.

I'm here to support you every step of the way!

All the love,

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