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The TRUTH about 5k+ months

There's one thing that really gets me every single time I see it..

And that's videos from Coaches, Mentors (& anyone else) who tells people they'll earn 5k+ a month if they start offering services online..

It's Clickbait.. and I don't think it's called out enough!!

I can't tell you just how many Virtual Assistants and Online Service Providers reach out to me deflated and disappointed because they aren't reaching 5k months like TikTok told them they would.

Now that's not to say that you can't earn 5k+ a month from your business.

You absolutely can 🚀

But those video's make it look like you'll start offering online services one day and be rolling in it the next.

Spoiler Alert! ❌ Overnight Successes Don't Exist ❌ The TRUTH is.. Those people aren't earning 5k+ months from their regular services alone.

They've been in business a while.

Built authority, a community and probably a small team.

And it's all of those things combined that allows them to work on the OTHER THINGS that add to their income.

They never tell you that though!

I'd never do you dirty like that!!

So if you're at the exciting point in your business where you're ready to add to it & make more money from your expertise - you first need to focus on authority and community building.

Start by..

✨ Creating content that encourages conversation

✨ Shake off the fear when it comes to talking about your offers

Connect with and get to know people!

Get comfortable showing up and showing your face (authority needs a face!!)

Become intentional about and add a little strategy to the messages you're putting out there

Without first building authority and community, you could release the coolest offer on the planet and there's a high chance it'll fall flat on it's face!!

That's just the reality of it.

There's more involved than they tell you, right?

But it's possible! You just have to be determined and consistent 🙌

If you want to supercharge your social selling skills or get a clearer strategy in place to make more money from your expertise book in a call here.

All the love,


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