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OSP Success Stories: Meet Danielle

As you know, I love to bring amazing Online Service Providers on to the podcast to share their stories.

The highlight reels we see on socials often = doubt + comparison 🫠

But when we hear the real FULL stories of how an OSP created the success they have, we become empowered, motivated & inspired ✨

This week, I’m so excited for you to meet Danielle Thompson!

Danielle is an Online Business Manager and founder of Spinning Plates Business Support Services.

And this year she will celebrate her 10th business birthday 🥳🎈

Join us on this weeks episode of Life Virtually to hear about..

✅ What it was like starting a VA business in 2014.

✅ How Danielle has operated her business throughout the years, to suit seasons of life.

✅ How she built a strong reputation and how that supports the longevity of a business.

✅ Danielle’s experience & journey in business growth.

✅ And how our industry has changed in the last 10 years.

🎧 Tune into Life Virtually on your favourite podcast platform or on my website HERE. 

Much love,

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