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OSP Success Stories: Meet Sarah

One of the best things about running an Online Service Business is that you can do it from anywhere..

In 2022 I left city life for the slower pace of my hometown and that was a BIG deal for me ✨

One thing that made it so much sweeter was the fact that I could bring my business! 

But whilst that was a big deal for me & my lifestyle, it was a relatively easy move.. In reality, I moved just over an hour down the road 😅

It’s completely different to move continents and bring your business with you!! Which is exactly what Sarah Whelan did almost a year ago 🌏

Sarah is a Social Media Strategist, Coach, Mentor and the founder of Socials by Sarah! 

In April last year, she and her family moved back to Ireland from Australia 🇦🇺

And on this week’s episode of the podcast, Sarah is joining me to tell us her story! 

Join us to hear about..

✅ How a passion project led Sarah to build her own business.

✅ The transition that comes with moving your business from one time zone to another.

✅ The importance of having connections within our industry.

✅ The value of real life conversations in an increasingly digital world.

✅ And Sarah’s advice to for anyone considering a significant move with their business!

🎧 Tune into Life Virtually on your favourite podcast platform or on my website HERE. 

Much love,

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