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OSP Success Stories: Meet Victoria

Often social media is the only place for us to find the inspiration we need in business!

But as we both know, that’s only a snapshot of what’s actually happening behind the scenes..

It tends to be a highlight reel too and that causes us to doom scroll + compare 🫠

That’s why I LOVE sharing the real life, full picture stories of successful Online Service Providers with you on the podcast! 

And today I’m so excited for you to meet Victoria Marshall ✨

Victoria is a Digital Marketing Strategist and founder of the Virtual Collab.

In January 2022 she started her business as a general Virtual Assistant and things have evolved so much since then!

Join us on this week’s episode of the podcast to hear about..

✅ How specialising her services changed the direction of Victoria’s business

✅ Why building genuine connections is so important

✅ Victoria’s experience in expanding her team

✅ And her INVALUABLE tips & insight when it comes to launches in your business

🎧 Tune into Life Virtually on your favourite podcast platform or on my website HERE. 

Much love,

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