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Spotting Red Flags In Clients 🚩

Self employment definitely comes with its challenges!

One minute you could be flying high, bossing through your work + simultaneously enjoying some flexibility to actually LIVE.

Then BOOM 🤯🚂

An unexpected problem arises with a Client!

You’ve no idea how you got here..

And everything else in your business/life is suffering for it because it’s ALL you can think about!!

It's usually only after we experience sh*t situations with Clients that we realise there were red flags all along 🚩

And now you're kicking yourself because you either..

A. Didn't spot them and can't understand how you couldn't have or..

B. Had a fishing feeling but shrugged it off thinking "I'm making too much of it".

I think most of us have experienced at least one of the two!!

So this week on the podcast, I'm addressing some things that Clients should NEVER do. 

Red flags that should set off serious alarm bells within every Online Service Provider 🚨

Join me to discuss.. 

✅ Red flags to look out for in the onboarding process

✅ Something a Client should never expect from you communication wise but that I'm hearing a lot about recently!

✅ Spotting the red flags that come with scope creep 

✅ And what do to when you've got that fishy feeling!

🎧 Tune into Life Virtually on your favourite podcast platform or on my website HERE. 

Much love,

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